April 03, 2005

Conservative crackup Part 2


Felos appears to be John Edward (the Crossing Over guy, not the former senator) and Jack Kevorkian rolled into one, armed with a legal degree and enough acumen to get his warped agenda made law. And occassionally, he is able to get judges to make disabled patients dead.

His presence in the Schiavo case is far, far more relevant than that of Randall Terry. That several libertarian bloggers went after Terry while giving Felos a pass betrays where their hearts and minds were throughout the case.

MORE: See-Dubya says Felos sounds like John Edwards, too, when he channeled the spirit of an infant who just happened to be relevant in a case he was arguing.

And See-Dubya makes an astute observation that hadn't occurred to me. Both Felos and Edwards claim to possess all sorts of spiritual powers (Edwards said that if he and John Kerry were elected to the White House, the lame would walk again--Felos thinks he's God), and that those powers guide and influence their politics. Libertarians, do you have a problem with this, or is it just a problem when socially conservative Christians allow their religious beliefs some sway in their political thinking? Hmmm?

What's the thinking behind the Ownership Society?

What's the thinking behind the Ownership Society? First, that shrinking the government isn’t going to happen. Not now, not never. Every law, subsidy, tax-break or program creates a constituency that will fight to preserve that bit of big government. It’s a trap that liberals have created for us, and no number of grumbling fiscal conservatives will ever get us out of it.

BUT, there is a way out of the trap. Even though Social Security (to take just one example) is a big-government program, any diversion of dollars into Private Accounts is, effectively, shrinking government. And that creates a trap of the opposite sort, one that will make people want more and more privatization as they start to see their accounts grow. (Or, similarly, more and more choice over which school your kids go to. Or more ability to just choose any medical service you want and pay it yourself without consulting any bureaucracy)

Continuation of Part 1 of Conservative Coalition Crackup


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