October 03, 2005

Star Wars and What George Lucas is Telling Us

I'm writing this right after I've finished watching Revenge of the Sith. So that the details are fresh on my mind, and I won't forget what I was thinking.

Now, the parallels, are obvious. Emperor Palpatine, or "Chancellor" Palaptine, was made to look like George W. Bush. Remember when Padme said that this is how freedom falls, to thunderous applause? He was refering to the Patriot Act, and Congress ratifying it.

Palpatine created a pretense for power, by instigating a separatist movement (Al-Qaeda freedom fighters), and when Palpatine acquired emergency powers and the good guys (The Jedi) tried to stop him, Palpatine unleashed a backlash on the good guys. Analogous to Bush supporters that think of Democrats as traitors for trying to regain power. Democrats aren't traitors, they are just trying to stop an evil man from taking control of government, and converting a democracy to an imperial power.

Along with the nut jobs around, this shows how George Lucas believes that Bush created the AL-Qaeda problem, used the 9/11 attacks to acquire emergency powers, and has no intention of releasing those powers back to a democratic Senate.

Anakin is a speakerphone for Bush, when he says Either you are With me, or you are My Enemy. Obviously, an indication that Bush is being too black and white about Democrats and Republicans. You can obviously, be both FOR the terroists and FOR America... or something like that.

It's an interesting and highly complex, if obscure and sometimes confusing, propaganda ploy. The Left did the same thing in Troy, making the King that Achilles was fighting with/for/alongside out to be an imperialist and a thug. What they obviously think Bush is.

As you can see, not only do the terroists have an affinity for informational propaganda systems and dissimilation, but the Democrats are also experts at manipulating multi-media and mass media.

Osama Bin Laden wouldn't exist if not for AMerica/Bush. The Separatist movement wouldn't exist if not for Darth Insidious...

It is amazingly transparent, but sometimes the two overlap. When propaganda starts to become reality. It is shown in the stupidity, guillibility, and utter recklessness of the Jedi Council in keeping Anakin in the dark. When the coup occured, all the Jedi were caught by surprise, as if they can't read minds, detect emotions, and react 10X faster than a normal human being. Obviously, the elitist philosophy of the Jedi, are no more effective and survival orientated than the elitist lifestyle of Hollywood and academia.

Loyalties are not taught to people. Loyalty is freely chosen, and you can't freely choose if what you value, Padme, is impossible under the rules of the society you live in, the Jedi Order.

The Jedi Order sucks. Anybody with those kind of superhuman powers, and not a clue what the hell was going on, needs to shoot themselves in the head to clear the gene pool for a more evolution based program.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my God! Dude get a life!

05 October, 2005 07:57  

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