April 05, 2006

Ace's Podcast- Hoist the Black Flag

His 21/28 February podcast has an interesting interview with the author who wrote Do as I say, not as I do. Copy the link into your ipodder subscription, and it should give you a list to download.

Noam Chomsky came up. The author noted that Chomsky is paid by the Pentagon, since his Linguistic Institute at MIT is paid by the Pentagon, and they use his research to improve robotics communication, which is used in predator targeting systems, IED robots armed with assault rifles, and basically killing machines.

This monstrously evil institution, the military, that Chomsky keeps talking about... and he gets his paycheck from them. What his response to this all was?

Well, in a sense, we all work for the military. So it doesn't matter

Then there was the Chomsky putting funds into private accounts so as to escape taxes. Chomsky loves to talk about taxing the rich, but Chomsky has 2 million in real estate and he puts his funds into trust funds that are safe from taxation. Wack, for a socialist to "own" property.

There's lots more, download the podcast and listen in.


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