April 06, 2006

Inside the Insurgency - An Arab Journalist Speaks

The media has failed again. They were supposed to report on the political situation in Iraq, to give the public fair warning of possible dangers... They were supposed to warn us of Jaffari and his dangerous affiliations. Instead, they were too busy crying Civil War and doing the old bait and switch trick on the rest of us, that it took the BUSH administration calling for Jaffari's removal to educate people like me (who tend to pay a lot of attention to Iraq) to understand the danger of Jaffari.

When it takes the Bush administration to warn us of a future danger, I know we're in a trouble. Cause Bush doesn't do anything till like it is almost too late. Conservatives are like that.

Not only is the media ignorant of military affairs in Iraq, but they are also hiding the political ramifications from the American public due to their incompetency and malice.

The reason the MilBlogs didn't cover it is probably because the military doesn't do policy decisions. We were supposed to be informed of the policies by the reporters and the government. In war, however, nothing goes as the way it is supposed to go, unfortunately.


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