April 18, 2006

Snowonpine concerning the Judgement of History

At 11:18 AM, April 18, 2006, snowonpine said...

Lamentably, Neo has it right.

Winning WWII without major attacks on U.S. soil and the long prosperity that followed has produced a citizenry that has, in many cases, become so insulated from the realities of history and most of the rest of the world that we almost can't see the barbarians at the gates; we have not experienced the havoc they can wreak personally, so they are not real to us.

During this same post-WWII period the media, academia and the religious community also played their part in creating the confusion, hesitations and lack of confidence that characterize today's anti-survival mindset. During WWII these elites, mainly conservative in viewpoint, were basically supportive of American culture as superior and they supported the government against outside threats. Now, these segments of society, overwhelmingly liberal, detest part or all of our culture and see the government as the threat; outside threats are downplayed or totally disbelieved.

Reading history, it is obvious how rare a democracy like ours is and how unique are our fortunate circumstances. It would not take much at all to destroy our dream.

The ideas, among many others, planted and nurtured by these elites, that American civilization is no better and, in fact, worse than mopst if not all others, the viewpoiint that our economic success is not the result of American's hard work but is the result of our shameful plundering of the rest of the planet, the idea that we are false as opposed to the genuine people in the underdeveloped and Third World, have taken their toll on our "civilizational confidence." It seems as if some of the proponents of such ideas believe that Americans should be ashamed to live at all. We've been taught that we should not "stigmatize", "discriminate against" or "judge" but strive to "appreciate" and "understand" countries, movements and leaders who have clearly demonstrated or stated that they want to destroy us. We've been taught that war is wrong and the implication, given the ideas above, is that such shameful, inauthentic exploiters as we don't really have any legitimate right of self-defense.

The barbarians are campted all around our walls, if you look you can see their many fires at night. They are preparing to use a battering ram to smash down our gates, invade and plunder our city, slaughter our citizens, enslave the women and children and then burn it to the ground. Yet many of us are sitting around arguing about whether they truly are barbarians. Some argue that when they say they want to kill us and take our land and women, they really don't mean it, Others wonder if we shouldn't open the gates to the more genuine barbarians who, after all, have legitimate grievences against us--we deserve whatever we get; it's just their way of venting, surely they wouldn't really hurt us. Some wonder if we should send out our daughters and treasury in the hopes of buying them off. Others are arguing that to take up arms against them is immoral and, in addition, might get us hurt.

You want to be destroyed, become just an illustration of folly in a history book, when books are ever written again, this is the way to do it.


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