April 15, 2006

Why Ymarsakar?

This aspect of God is called nirgun nirakar, which means virtueless and formless God; the other one is called sagun sakar (or sakar), which means the all-virtuous personified form of God. Thus, sakar is the main form of God, and, with His sakar form, He/She is omnipresent with all of the virtues: Graciousness, kindness, all-Blissfulness, all-lovingness and many more.
Which is pretty funny by itself.

Then there is St Ymar.

Wait, it's not over yet. A lot of people say Yamar when they first pronounce my cognomen. Then there's the first pronounciation of my real name, Yaweh.

None of this was intentional. The story of why I chose Ymarsakar and used it for my internet cognomen is pretty unsurprising and routine. I had to come up with a login name for a Medieval MUD, that was unique and fitted the theme. I couldn't use Apocalypse, since it was my previous used pseudo-name. So I had to come up with a new one, that was "unique" and I could easily remember. So I took the first letter of my first name, and then juxtaposed Yamamoto and Japanese Sake into it.

To get it phonetically smooth, I got Yama to Ymar and Sake to Sakar and put it together, Ymarsakar. Nobody had ever come up with anything similar, in all my time perusing the net. So I chose to just stick with it. Ymar, was of course, inspired by Ymir, which I came across while playing Tribes 1, a fps shooter game.

So you could say I'm several parts religious godlike theology and other parts norse mythology with a good heaping of cosmopolitan Japanese philosophies and alcoholic beverages.


Blogger Tom Grey said...

Thanks for clearing up your name.
Ymar sakar.

I still use OldTigger sometimes, but I want to be TomGrey for my kids.

01 May, 2006 17:17  
Blogger Ymarsakar said...

Ja, it was quite hard to get spank to do my advertising for me, but I got it done, eh?

03 May, 2006 14:27  

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