May 24, 2006

David Blaine

First heard about him with the man in the bubble thing. Now I'm writing this because of a TLC special on David Blaine. I also remember him doing a show on Discovery channel in the boondocks of some kind tribal culture (maybe Amazon or Africa), showing off his magic tricks. They are truly amazing. He takes diamonds off the setting of a ring, with his teeth, swallows the diamond, and then makes it appear out of the corner of his eye. All while video tapped surrounded by people. He gets a gold ring and drops it down a sewer drain, and then walks a few feet away and there's the ring inside a glass bottle. What the hell, it had the same inscriptions. He somehow put a card inside a basketball that people had to cut open to see.

His philosophy and the way he thinks is scary and intimidating. He said that he doesn't think about the consequences of putting his body encased in ice, he just does it cause he has to, and that's it. That's determination, that is willpower.

The tri-luminal system of intelligence. Problem solving IQ, wisdom, and knowledge is also required.

A lot of people at neo neocon's site that belittles the capacity of humanity to achieve greatness, don't believe willpower is going to accomplish anything. They don't believe that humanity's limits are the universe.

That's their problem. When the Japanese talk about exceeding your genkai, they weren't kidding.

Martin Luther King Junior said, "If a man has not found something he is willing to die for, that man is not fit to live". If you combine this with um, violence and martial virtue, that would be something quite unstoppable. The Left believes the perfect soldier is a conscienceless war machine that follows orders and that is it. They don't know what they are talking about.


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