May 22, 2006

Our good old Iranian pals

We're too guillible, unlike the cosmopolitan (lite) Europeans, Canadians, and Australians

I guess this is another example of neo-con guillibility

Rejected by his family for his sexuality, arrested, tortured, and thrown into prison -- where he was repeatedly gang-raped with the complicity of his jailers -- Mekabiz is today homeless and living on the streets of Mashad, but remains in contact with the city's underground gay community, which helped arrange this iterview. In the following interview via Internet (translated from the Persian by Ava of the Persian Gay and Lesbian Organization) Mekabiz tells his tragic story:

Note the gang rape. Islam has nothing against pocking men in the arse. Gays, now they got a problem with those. In Islam, if the man is doing the penetrating, whether that is "thighing" a 5 year old child or a 15 year old boy/girl, Islam says that is okay.

If you're a male or female feminist which hates men, then go here if you're so buddy buddy with women


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