May 18, 2006

Response to Murtha and atrocities

It isn't logical. The Marines out of all the branches, have felt the heat to implement PTSD treatment by introducing miniature debriefings after combat patrols. Since they're at the tip of the spear all the time, the Marines have had to find ways of how to uncoil after combat, especially since this is a multi-tour war with people having to go back to civilian life (reserves) and going back to family, and then going back to war again sometime later. Combat stress, would obviously be found a lot sooner than Vietnam, because of the length of the tours.

Besides, the military saw what happened at My Lai, how guerrila tactics can disrupt the psychology of combat units and make them go beserk. What attack would have caused this rage on the part of the Marines? Cummulatively, the Marine barracks bombing killed far more than an Iraqi suicide bomber and inflicted far greater psychological damage, than even the Mosul suicide bombing.


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