May 20, 2006

The Leftist philosophy of black and white

I just hate it when all these fake multiculturalists come in and try talking trash about their black and white viewpoints.

Their misdiagnosed and rather ignorant analysis is both an insult to their own intelligence as it is a piece of junk.

It is the fake multiculturalists and the fake liberals that see things in terms of good or evil. Why else would Lucas Arts say anger leads to the Dark Side, while the Light Side is ALWAYS good?

These people pay lip service to multiculturalism, but when confronted with the real multiculturalism of Oriental philosophies about dark and light, creation and destruction, they are totally clueless.

The Left, and most Democrats, believe that they are Good because they are liberals and enlightened, while everyone else is Evil because they are heathenish and ignorant of the light.

It never occurs to them to think that black and white are both necessary for vision. It never occurs to them that creation requires destruction and destruction requires creation. It never occurs to them that peace requires war, and war requires peace. Regardless of how smart they think they are, regardless of how multicultural they beat into your head that they are, they are still parochial village clowns from the back ass of nowhere.

THese are the kind of people who will tell you with a straight face that killing is always wrong. These are the kind of people who will tell you that ignoring violence and injustice by turning the cheek is always right and proper. These are the people who think in absolutes, and it is why the Left is so ruthless and so incompetent.

The philosophy of Good vs Evil, Light vs Darkness, is forever closed to the predators of ignorance. Which is a good thing, armed with real knowledge, the ruthless revolutionary Leftists might actually be dangerous.

To add to what I said in Neo's comments section. The oriental and Eastern philosophies don't focus on Angels (Good) and Devils (Evil). Rather, the Eastern Philosophies tend to compact it all together and say that daevas can be bad and mischievous as well as devils. So it is rather like paganism in this respect, before Christianity came onto the scene. Only in Hinduism, and other Eastern Philosophies, can you find a god that is both man and woman and both the destroyer and the creator. Wack.

Lucas Arts is a very good example of the fake liberal fake multicultural, rich robber baron, Left. What he creates is also a reflection of his thought processes. Obvious, but there are things you can derive from that subtle conclusion.


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