July 04, 2006

Old Dean Archive - Jacksonians 2003

My response is simply to say that I also first heard about Jacksonianism by reading Steven Den Beste.

As I am a fan of military history and traditions, I understood Jacksonian more than some of the commentators at dean did. It helps to have a true understanding of honor codes and how that prevents people from slaughtering each other.

Bush looked Jacksonian in 2003, of course, but as we can see now, he is not as Jacksonian as the military or me. Since I favor summary executions of terroists at GitMo, punitive executions of 10 terroists for 1 American tortured/killed/executed, while Bush does not, it is pretty obvious who is more Jacksonian here.

After all, Bush likes multilateralism and the UN. What kind of Jacksonian is that? Teddy Roosevelt was a pure Jacksonian in all the ways that counted. Compared to him, Bush ain't no Jacksonian.

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