August 06, 2006

ATI Express 200 Chipsets

It's a tech review of the ATI dual core chipship, consisting of a north bridge and a south bridge, the south bridge used to feed peripheral inputs into the chipset architecture.

Because the ATI Express 200 has an integrated graphics core, a meld between ATI and AMD, it allows graphics output that has current technology but is at least two generations back in terms of performance. The review has benchmark tests using Doom 3, Farcry, and UT 2004 in order to test Intel's integrated graphics core with ATI"s integrated graphics core.

Another advantage is that the ATI Express 200 can use system ram in order to bolster video ram. It can also boost and work together with Geforce and ATI Radeon PCI express video cards, so the video capabilities can be upgraded as with all other desktop systems.


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