July 30, 2006

Prisoners of War - Does Torture work?

Yes, torture works. There are various classifications and technique levels, but the communist re-education and brainwashing camps were probably the highest of the high.

It is obvious that the Code of Conduct, in its current form, is not enough to protect U.S. prisoners of war from an enemy who has become more sophisticated in its abilities to exploit prisoners. After prisoners have resisted "to the utmost" of his or her ability, then what do they do? The Code does not answer that question.

Don't get taken alive. Make them kill you. That should be a soldier's prime duty, to never be taken alive as a prisoner by any enemy of the United States.

We all know what's going to happen, we've known it for decades. People just are too weak and dumb to do much of anything to change policy.

The President should also find anyone involved in the capture and torture of our enemies, and execute them through short impalement on wooden stakes. That is of course, if he is truly serious about protecting our soldiers and doing everything he can to fight terrorism.

This is a link you should read, because it has a nice background info on Islamic Jihad and their culture. I've known about the sexual frustration of the Islamic world a few months ago when I read a couple of articles describing what goes on in the back doors when Islamic men don't think anyone is looking into their houses.


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