July 22, 2006

Propaganda Videos - Collection of stuff

Fair warning, some of these videos are graphic and not work safe, or child safe, or heaven safe. The one that is safe, is the morale booster music video.

This was an old comment reply to a Neo Neocon post about the under-utilization of propaganda by the US in this war.

I got a little incoherent at the end, but I won't edit it now that it no longer matters.

This is Pat Dollard's teaser video. I see this as the solution to Neo's complaint that we aren't using propaganda enough. It's a great look into the US military and barracks life/interactions. As well as front line combat and those who act as the rubber when it meets the road.

I originally posted the video link as a way to contrast it with Yearly Kos's PR show. Go and look see for a contrast.
Here's a little manipulation and splicing, using youtube. For kicks and giggles that is.

Then there's this comment reply to the post Neo did on visual propaganda, the Norman portraits of WWII. Most of these replies are just my thoughts and analysis on the specific type of thematic propaganda Neo wrote about in the subject post.

Here's another video of how Jihadists bath in the blood of infants. Lots of blood, but it shows you the Islamic world in a very visceral fashion.

This would be a good propaganda video, had it been "leaked" to Fox News. Ya, I know, it's public domain, but they could have faked leaking it for god's sake. It was the incident where a Dragunov sniper rifle did not penetrate US body armor. This alone would have helped to silence critics that said the US did not have good body armor. No amount of Bush assurances about him doing what was needed in terms of supply, would have equaled this footage shown.

Here is the story from Michael Yon, about how the media propaganda apparatus runs. Read it for background info.

Okay, here's your break video, where you can restore your morale. If you watched all the videos in the links above, you'll need the break.

This is an example of how you can combine illusion and manipulation with physical reality discipline to create a spectacular product.

There is lots more if you follow the link above.

VDH has some things to say about the disadvantages Israel has in the propaganda war.

This is a text post of mine that describes propaganda, the new improved version.

This was a reference to Nazi propaganda that I picked up from reading VDH. Can't find a video, but maybe youtube has it. It's too bad Triumph of the Will is too big for YouTube.

This was a post I did after watching a History Channel on Nazi Occult activities. Just so I don't forget. I wrote about the correlations between Nazi ideology and Islamic JIhad. Belief is belief.

There was also this post I did, a short one about enemy propaganda. I focused on why Democrats refused to believe that the terroists were playing them as pawns.

More Videos

If you are demoralized by the insurgents sniper video with the catchy music, try this Marine version below for a morale kick start.

Those things flying off aren't rocks, you know.

Another video by Jula below

This is a video of Blackwater contractors, former Spec Ops people, shooting at the Mahdi Army. Weird.

This is a longer Clip of Jula.


Recently, Grim has put up some interesting stuff about hardening your heart to win a war. If you have watched this propaganda videos so far, you will know your suspectibility by how low or high your morale develops after seeing negative or positive events in the war.

This is funny man,


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