July 27, 2006

Alternative History

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I guess if you cut it short, my point can be summed up in a single line.

Db doesn't know how people can be executed or tortured, therefore he comes to the wrong conclusions when attempting to discern from media sources what happened.

There's the thesis, but the justification sentences are rather too numerous to count.

Suffice it to say that Israel and America are using only perhaps 5% of their overall genkai. For America, it's somewhere around 5% to 15%. For Israel's it's a bit higher, 10% to 20%.

For those who are curious, here's a scenario that I believe utilizes close to 50%-100% of America's capabilities (ideal). I'll try and do a good job writing it as if it was just dry news accounts, since I've never actually done a complete scenario work up even though I've described specific actions and methods here and there.

January 1, 2003 9:35 A.M


Just a month before Secretary of State Colin Powell was scheduled to make an appearance at the UN to give the Bush Administration's WMD concerns about Iraq, American military and FBI units stormed the UN building in a mid-night raid. Anonymous sources inside the Bush Administration have said that CIA intelligence lead us to believe that Iraq was conducting espionage operations using their UN seat at New York. Hundreds of foreign nations have raised objections on air that this is a violation of international diplomatic protocols, they have demanded that they be allowed to communicate with their ambassadors, who at last report are all under American house arrest. The government claims that this is for the protection of the United Nations diplomats, and have said that the guilty parties will be found and the innocent set free.

We know that they have definitely searched the offices of the Iraqi UN representative, as well as Kofi Annan the Secretary General and his appointed officials. We are expecting a press announcement from the White House at 10 a.m. Stay tuned for further details as we bring the news live to you.

January 2, 2003

Tensions have risen as the international community solidified against the illegal and undiplomatic usurpations of authority by the Bush Administration and the American government. Congress has convened for emergency sessions and have demanded that President Bush explain himself, President Bush has so far refused to reply to Congressional oversight.

The White House press release yesterday alleged that foreign governments had been conducting illegal and harmful to the national security, espionage operations against the continental United States of America. France's President has said that "American cowboys, they are too dangerous to world peace". Germany's Prime Minister, Schroeder, says that he stands with France and Europe, against the folly of Prime Minister Blair and Bush.

January 5, 2003


As Democrat Congressional efforts to initiate impeachment proceedings against an uncooperative Bush Administration procede, the White House has released this statement via internet video blogging technology rather than through the White House press corps. The hits on the link appear to be approaching a million just 2 hours after it had been released to instapundit and moveon.org via White House telephone call and email.

"President Bush wishes to assure the American people that their interests, not the interests of our enemies, are being served and protected by his Presidency. We have held information back from the American people since the beginning of our raid into the office space of foreign enemies in the United Nations. Let us state unequivocally, that diplomatic immunity is not for the benefit of those who would plan the killing and torture of innocent people. We will now tell the American people what this was all for, and why we did it. Recent classified intelligence from the CIA, have informed us of a conspiracy in the United States, lead by Saddam Hussein, to ambush and destroy entire United States Army divisions in Kuwaitt. The military is loyal to the Constitution and the President, and by God the President will stand by the military and make sure it is not destroyed at the whims of a tyrant.

In summary, we had planned to go the diplomatic route of persuasion, in order to convince our allies to draft a Resolution that would hold Iraq accountable so that thousands of American lives would not have to be sent into Iraq to destroy and be destroyed. The documents and information we have obtained from the United Nations building, is proof positive of a conspiracy. A conspiracy created by the Oil For Food program that Saddam had subverted, and is even now bribing and corrupting UN officials as well as high ranking representatives of the French, Russian, and Chinese governments. If we had not conducted the raid into the United Nations building, we would have been in stalemate over drafting a Resolution for countless months. Months that Saddam would use to ambush our soldiers, kidnap them, hold them for ransom, as well as to torture to his satisfaction. President Bush has given explicit orders that he will not allow a repeat of the treatment of American POWs during Gulf War 1 to be repeated.

As of this moment, President Bush has signed executive orders to release all diplomats, officials, and representatives of the UN and its founding nations. He has also signed an executive order for the ambassador to the United Nations to be recalled, and henceforth that all military units under the command of the President of the United States of America, will treat UN bureacrats as enemies of the state. Starting 5 days from now. The UN has 5 days to evacuate their property, before the property will return to the hold of the city of New York. President Bush urges his fellow allies and enemies alike, to comprehend that he will not allow foreign sabotage of American interests on American soil.

President Bush apologies to the world community at large, for acting to preserve American sovereignty without consulting with their respective representatives. President Bush offers as an olive branch, copies of classifid information and the recent data procured from the UN building, in order that those foreign governments can better purge themselves of the saboteurs in the pay of Saddam Hussein. President Bush offers Jacques Chirac his condolences, for the personal betrayal of Saddam Hussein, who he knows was a personal friend of PM Chirac.

The representative(s) from Saddam Hussein, will be tried and executed in a military tribunal, for sabotage originating from a nation at war with the United States.

May God Bless America, and see us through these trying times"

January 10, 2003 11:30 pm


In 30 minutes, the 5 hour ultimatum for Saddam Hussein to disarm and leave the country of Iraq, will expire. An American force of 85,000 troops stand at the ready to invade Iraq from Kuwaitt, should Saddam Hussein fail to comply with the terms of President Bush's ultimatum.

March 15, 2003 7:49 P.M.


Two months after President Bush's ultimatum, and American forces still have not advanced past Kirkuk and Basrah. Constant daily footage from Iraqi public relations have created doubt that America has the ability to invade Iraq. Democrat critics of the Bush Administration, heavily complain that Bush is outsourcing the invasion of Iraq to local tribes. They warn that Saddam Hussein will escape just like Osama Bin Laden, if Bush continues to outsource the security interests of the United States.

The 101st Airborne Division air dropped into Kurdish controlled areas, have reported success galvanating local support into a combined military push past the city of Kirkuk, into Mosul. They have said that local training of Kurdish peshmerga guerrila fighters have proceded according to schedule.

The 1st ID and the 1st Marine Division have reported success at taking and holding a foothold in Southern Basrah. No bombs have been reported being dropped on Baghdad, our correspondents at the Palestine Hotel are reporting no significant United States attacks.

May 15, 2003


President Bush has ordered another 20,000 troops be deployed to Iraq, in light of the lack of progress in the war front. In addition to the 185,000 troops already there, this will make the troop contingent of the United States up to 205,000. At least 100,000 additional troops have already been called for and deployed to Iraq, in order to reinforce two deadlocked fronts.

Saddam Hussein is reported to be in hiding, possibly near his home town of Tikrit. His Republican Guards and fedayeen constantly attack United States occupied towns. Hundreds of civilian casualties have occured, the United States ability to maintain mass casualty triage centers are being overloaded. They were never designed to handle the number of casualties being suffered daily. Current US fatalities are at 59.

July 7th, 2003

Pentagon press releases now claim that Syria and Iran are sending foreign fighters to aid the government of Saddam Hussein. The capital of Iraq, Baghdad, is being pincered by the Kurdish guerrilas backed by the 101st Airborne Division in the North, and in the south by the 1st ID and 1st Marine Divison. President Bush has launched air strikes against Syrian military bunkers and Iranian airfields in retaliation.

Saddam Hussein now only controls a territory about the size of a triangle.

The Pentagon has released a deck of cards holding 52 highly wanted Baath party members and Saddam Hussein loyalists. All American soldiers have been encouraged to seek these HVTs out and capture them, using whatever means are necessary.

July 15, 2003

American forces, with Shia militias and Kurdish militias, paraded through the streets of Baghdad today as happy Iraqis threw followers and welcomed the liberating army with cheers and cries of joy. Hundreds of Iraqis formed a line, in order to smash a statue of saddam with a sledgehammer, each taking their turns.

July 25, 2003

Martial law has been established in Baghdad. All other provinces are under local control, secured by Kurdish and Shia militia leaders. It is unclear to what extent the US Army is allowing local leaders to make policy decisions concerning occupied towns and provinces.

Looting and rioting have been dealt with in Baghdad. Hundreds are in jail, several have been shot dead.

September 29, 2003

Representatives from all the provinces of Iraq were invited and escorted to Baghdad. The square where the statue of Saddam was pulled down. Standing by a blazing bonfire in the middle of the night was President George W. Bush. The meeting was secret, and not televized. Footage was taken by Army reporters, and provided to instapundit and democraticunderground.

In President Bush's hands was a deck of cards holding the faces and biographical data of 52 Baathist leaders and Saddam loyalists. Bush asked every provincial leader to pull one card out. When that card was pulled out, and the face revealed in the firelight, the man or woman was brought in front of President Bush and executed by firing squad. The card went into the fire afterwards.

Some President Bush spared with a wave of his hands, citing security interest and lack of enough interrogation time. In the end, there was one card missing from President Bush's gift to the Iraqi leaders. It was Saddam Hussein. President Bush attempted to persuade the Iraqi leaders that for Saddam, death was too easy. Bush said that he had given the blood debt here and now, Iraq must now be built upon justice and law, not executions and destruction. President Bush appealed to the Iraqi leaders for a just and fair trial of Saddam Hussein.

With that, the video ended.

January, 2005

Fallujah has now been evacuated of all civilians. Mandatory orders of evacuation were given. The entire government of Fallujah had been found executed in masse on the bridge near Fallujah, along with the bodies of 4 American security contractors several months ago.

Several FAE munitions were dropped on the city of Fallujah, incinerating and annihilating all foreign jihadist and local insurgents within the city. THe city was completely leveled, as if a nuclear bomb had been used.

The Iraqi prime minister congratulated President Bush on winning his second term with his recent visit to the White House.

May, 2005

Iran threatened to use oil as a weapon, if the United States prevented their enriching of uranium. President Bush ordered a full naval and air blockade of Iran. At the same time, President Bush signed an executive order annexing a few border towns on the Syrian side of the Syrian-Iraq border, and giving it to the commanders of the Kurdish peshmerga fighters and Basrah militia leaders. President Bush had ordered the military invasion of Syria in 2004, in retaliation for Syrian complicity in the deaths of American servicemembers. Syria lost several border towns, but was able to sue for peace by giving over all foreign and Baathist fighters they knew of. This was 10 days after President Bush publicized his decision to invade.


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