August 28, 2006

Valerie Plame

You know what I wish given the recent events made known by Fox News?

It's so unfair that the Democrats have a better propaganda apparatus than the Republicans. Not because the Republicans are being beaten, but because the Democrats have proven just how destructive they are. There is no room in the Democrat party for creation and construction, it's all about offense and not defense.

It's unfair that the terroists are better at propaganda and terror operations, than the US. It is unfair that those in the right, are unable to win because of restrictions they put upon themselves.

THe Bush Administration wouldn't have been as vulnerable to the Democrat plame operation if the Administration used blackmail, intimidation, and Presidential powers to arm twist and hardball the opposition party, in addition to Will and Valerie. Intimidation works, Bush didn't use it because Bush believes himself to be capable of winning without dirty tricks.

I'm not quite as law abiding as that.


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