August 10, 2006

Somalia - Man on Street

I was talking to this guy, who lived in Somalia and came to the US. He said that the Chinese got a lot of contracts in Somalia because they were all business, they didn't nose around in places where they didn't belong. They would go there, do what they were contracted to do, get the money, and then leave. That is the word on the street in Somalia. SO you can guess how the average Somali looks upon the US, where the natural desires of liberals is to nose around in the boondocks, while leaving the job undone.

The Somalians don't mind having their lives bettered, what they probably do mind is that if you want to mess up their lives, then stay for the long haul, instead of popping here and there.

Another conclusion I drew, was that China is attempting to be a mercantile empire. There are a couple of different versions of Empires. Enlightened Empires, Despotic Empires, Expansionist Empires, Mercantilist Empires (Britain east india company), and probably Non-Expansionist Empires. A lot of people accuse Bush of being of the mercantile stripe, but as you know, it's far more likely Bush is the non-expansionist version while China is the one interested in making money.


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