August 07, 2006

First Episodes of Naruto

If you can't read the subtitles, click on the video and then use the enlarged version link at youtube.

This is one of my favorite anime series, and these first few should give you a taste of what potential is in the series and the kinds of themes in it. A lot of anime series have several episodes where nothing happens, or something happens but the characters are developed slowly.

This is the third episode, which starts the first story arc.

I heard the English version, and it was... about 80% inferior. The 20% that was good, was due to the well done storyline, characterization, and plot twists.

Here's the fourth episode.

Part 1 of Ep 5.

Part 2 of Ep 5.

Episode 6 A
Episode 6 B
Episde 7 A
Episode 7 B
Episode 8 A
Episode 8 B

Ep 9

Btw, this music video is pretty good. She does other songs as well, the ones she herself wrote down, check it out.


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