August 06, 2006

The Mocking Bird at Neo

neo: care to address the total implosion of Iraq that's taken place while the world is focused on Israel/Lebanon? The fact that the vaunted administration of Al Maliki doesn't run outside the Green Zone? Pace and Abizaid agreeing that Iraq "may be slipping towards a civil war" -- LOL? The fact that the U.S. is deploying thousands more troops to Baghdad from other still-hostile parts of the country in an effort to avoid a last-chopper-out-of-Saigon scenario? The U.S. report in the last week that corruption in the Iraqi government is so bad that one single Iraqi official is believed to have stolen ONE BILLION DOLLARS?

The Iraq farce is over. Bush and his neocon puppetmasters lost. Iraq lost, big time. If there's a winner, it's Iran -- and the Kurds are going to come out pretty good. The only question remaining about the U.S. withdrawal is: How humiliating will it be? How politically disastrous for the neocons and the poor misguided lapdogs (e.g. Blair) who followed them?

This Israel/Hezbollah thing is a sideshow. Iraq remains. (Along with the real central problem in the Middle East, the Israel/Palestine question).

This is a comment left by tequilamockingbird, which i think is a very good example of the Left in its... unique perspective let us just say that.

This was a previous example, at the same place, where Tequila called me a liar for saying that Tequila had posted several long posts in sucession without breaks. He said that anyone that did that, was obviously trying to disrupt the thread, but of course denied that what I said was true, denied that he did any such thing. Well, after while, after I put down the challenge for others to take bets on who was right me or tequila, tequila somehow remembered.

This is the link and resource to that incident, where he made a fool of himself, and my reaction to it.

Make sure you put tequila in perspective before worrying about "Last Saigon pull out".


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