August 07, 2006

Bookworm's Room

[Some kind of fight at Bookworm, brought some of my comments here]

Bush is too honest, everyone in our world knows that. Bush is so honest, he won't even propagandize his viewpoint, meaning dessimilate information favorable to his viewpoint at the expense of others.

Another reason why Bush isn't trumpeting the evidence, is because people like MissionAccomplished would just say "Mission Accomplished" whenever Bush says something.

For example, in a quixotic attempt to substantiate the irrational belief that the WMD justification for Iraq invasion was actually true, Bookworm can only point to whacked-out right-wing sites such as the Moony Times and PowerLine.

The day that two lawyers from this site and the lawyers from Powerline are called whacked-out right-wing people, is the day of Armageddon in which lawyers will rule the earth as the annointed of God.

I was quite surprised at the number of lawyers back when the Constitution was written. Jefferson was a lawyer, that other guy was a lawyer, along with merchants and businessmen and inventors like Franklin. But anyways, in a state, there are soldiers, spies, and lawyers. Without the spies, the soldiers will be brought down by internal betrayal and lack of information. Without lawyers, the military will become undisciplined and unable to determine what level of punishment or even who is guilty or innocent. Without soldiers, lawyers and spies would get taken down by the enemy's soldiers.
Getting to the point. Lawyers aren't on the right. Lawyers are everywhere. Unless ofcourse you live in a universe to the left, in that case, ya those lawyers are to the right, the wacked right.

I'm telling you Bookworm, whenever you get close to unraveling the matrix of unreality and metaphysics, they can see you then. And they come, and come, and the deluge occurs.

It's like they got a radar system that can detect whenever people are talking about things that might reveal the mystery of the ages or something. And when they come, they come in packs, they come in mob rushes, and they all say certain things dilineated by geological and geographic differences only.

I can hear you now?!

Some of these people would get wasted if they tried to pick an argument with me. I give kudos to Mission for accomplishing his objectives in avoiding me and going after someone else. Smart action.

The study went on to claim that Donahue presented a “difficult public face for NBC in a time of war……He seems to delight in presenting guests who are anti-war, anti-Bush and skeptical of the administration’s motives.” The report went on to outline a possible nightmare scenario where the show becomes “a home for the liberal antiwar agenda at the same time that our competitors are waving the flag at every opportunity.”

I'll translate this in terms some people might be more amenable to. MSNBC wanted to make more bucks, and in order to get more bucks they needed more ratings, to get more ratings they needed to draw people in America to watching them, and when they are anti-war when the war is popular then they won't be watched therefore MSNBC will do certain things to increase their market share. Like firing Phil. Nobody said MSNBC had business geniuses from the Apprentice working for them.


Ban away there Delusion-girl! Like I’m ever coming back to read your “through-the-wormhole” delusions again!

Comment by MissionAccomplished | August 7, 2006

See what I'm talking about. Instead of picking a fight with someone like me, they want to pick on the gurrls. Right.

I recommend retreat when faced against the strong, and beat up on the weak when they are under you. That is, I would recommend it, but I'm on my side, not anyone else's.

Here's the difference between my style of argumentation and the style of other people's argumentation. Other people get flustered and seek to inflict discomfort and frustration because they feel backed into a corner. Other people lose their tempers easily and reduce their psychological balance into the negative and vindictive zones. I, on the other hand, don't use personal attacks. You can get people angry and make them lose arguments, if you curse them out, but where's the skill and art in that? Far better to take self imposed limitations and see if you can outsmart and out maneuver the opponent, into losing his cool before members of the public.

People call others names and attack them personally because they feel threatened by other people and their positions. SInce few people have a powerful enough presence and arsenal of attacks that would scare me or threaten my positon or composure, I do not feel threatened by anyone here calling Republicans wackos, or right wing wackos, or right wing wacko Powerline sites, or whatever. And since I don't feel threatened, I do not feel the need to lash out in a blaze of uncontrolled rage. Ya sure, some people behave at internet sites because they have manners, but when people like MissionAccomplished comes here, I only behave because it would take too much energy to do anything else.

It would take a pretty stringent and renewed campaign to get past my defenses. NeoNeoConned and ConfudeForeigner maintained their agent provocateur actions well until after they were banned by Neo Neocon using Haloscan. Yes, gasp!!! The infamoussss Neo Neo Con.... *cue the music*

Btw, I wish Mission would accomplish his mission and keep to his word, never to read Bookworm's words again. You can always come to my blog and read my words, if you feel up to the challenge.


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