August 08, 2006

Ned Lamont's Speech

I was watching his speech on Fox News, and comparing it to Lieberman's speech. Liberman sounded like a statesmen, Ned Lamont sounded like some gruff teenager that had been yelling too much, his voice was very annoying and broken.

OMG Cynthia McKinney lost!! I just heard, hahaha.

ANyways, Ned Lamont also has a pretty wife on his right. Presumably that is his wife since there was a woman on Lieberman's right as well. Anyways, that looked like a trophy wife, for the millionare and the budding politician of course.

I just can't forget the Daily Kos commercial. Markos looked like some teenager, and it was just weird. Ned Lamont's speech was like some amateur demagogue practicing his lines. Ridiculously transparent. Oh ya, he also had like two of the heaviest black Democrat propagandist cannons at his back. Sharpton and Rainbow dude.

You got your chocolate, your vanilla, and your Rainbow it seems, to use the Mayor of New Orlean's rhetoric.


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