October 05, 2005

Michael Ruben from Iraq with some first hand experience and wisdom of the Iraqi perspective in the War on Terror.

I note the highlights as being that when 1 Iraqi dies from insurgent attacks, that Iraqi has 50 extended families that are mighty pissed at losing a productive and young family member. Multiply this by 2x the American casualties. Do you really want to fight a foe that with everyone one you kill, 50 takes his place?

Another very good info he brought back for us was the fact that Iraqis don't want Americans in their face, much as we don't want the UN in our face, and in New York taking up prime real estate. The Iraqis in Baghdad are bothered by the fact that all our diplomats, reporters, and other civilians in the Green Zone have made traffic horrendous.

Americans are not very good at occupation. At least, we have forgotten much that was learned in World War II, but America is a quick learner, we will preservere.

One of the problems not highlighted much is the fact that Iraq became the problem it has, due primarily to the fact that President Bush in the Gulf War said in a campaign speech that the Iraqis should rise up and overthrow Saddam. Obviously Bush was clueless as to the real influential power of an American president, because the Iraqis did just that, and America not only stood by as refugees begged for help from the Kuwaitti border, but actually allowed Saddam the use of his chopters to spew poison gas. The no fly zones was a lesson of too little too late. The damage had already been done. And I do not refer solely to the loss in human lives, but the loss of trust and faith in American promises of freedom. That, was the far more dangerous blow. So when the insurgency migrated to Iraq, being pulled away from Afghanistan, the Iraqis weren't sure what to do. One the one hand, they have wanted freedom for a long time and the Americans have desposed of Saddam, but they also understand that America might leave really soon. So anyone that helps the Americans now, will face a problem with the terroists once the Americans leave.

Setting deadlines, making promises, and making good on those promises, is the long hard road to redemption that America must take. And it is the road that the Democrats and all pacifists should be ashamed of, for trying to undermine with their nancy pancy wishes for a speedy utopia.


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