May 25, 2006

Funny as funny is

This comment against Leftists on neo neocon's site is really funny. Posting it here since it probably will be deleted.

At 6:03 AM, May 25, 2006, Banagor said...

People against the war are really fucking stupid.

I'm sorry, but there just isn't a good reason to be against it.

Now, I know, all you war critics will say that's way over the top, but it's really bloody true: you're stupid. You are ignorant fools and morons and you really have no grasp of the real world.

The war was about a ton of things. The president mentioned disarmament because it was on issue that all the countries of the world could agree on, at least on paper. But does it matter? Is disarmament the reason we were flying our planes for billions of dollars over the span of twelve years in the skies of Iraq? Was that the reason we were there? Are you absolute fucking morons to believe that this is the only reason?

The reason was that Saddam was the bad guy. He's the enemy. I don't care what the hell the reason is that you are against because it doesn't matter: he's the enemy. And, in the real world, you take out the enemies that you can take out. That's the brutal nature of the world.

Grow the fuck up. That's the way the world works. It matters very much who controls what land, and it also matters what they do with it. It matters what happens in a world where anyone can travel to any place at any time and do anything they want and perhaps kill millions of people. It doesn't, however, matter if Saddam was planning a huge terrorist strike against America because even if he wasn't - and I really don't care if he was - he still fell under the same category: the enemy. If you're the enemy, then you're on the other side.

Leftists and anti-war nuts just dont' get that concept. That's why they get so outraged when we, on the right in this war, denounce them as the enemy. Orwell got it back then, and Bush (as much of a buffoon as they believe he is) gets it. What amazes me is that these erudite jerks don't get it. That's why we denounce people who are against this war, and why those on the other side are regarded with loathing and contempt. Being aghast doesn't change our point of view, because you can't change the nature of the world and you can't change human nature.

And in the world, you take out the enemy that you can take out. Saddam was already a prime target since many years and we already had enough military there to justify us finishing him off. All of a sudden, you now have some anti-war screechers claiming that they thought Iran was the real threat all along. Well, fine: what would you have had us done first? With draw all forces from around Iraq to concentrate on Iran? That would have been permissible? Where would they have been based? Or perhaps you just would have wanted us to leave the Middle East altogether and, quite literally, then given in to every single demand that Bin Laden had made of us? I've heard it before from the likes of Cindy Sheehan: just leave the Middle East. Great suggestion there. Just say it outright: do what Bin Laden says. That'll fix our problems.

And she and her friends wonder why they are mocked and reviled.

And then to the argument about the United Nations. What a wonderful little fantasy that one is. As if Americans really want to sit on a round table where sworn enemies of American interest can have a say whether or not to allow it to act; and even while our "friends" who should be supporting us are stabbing us in the back by doing deals with our enemy. What a great idea that is. And then that argument places so much trust in the United Nations. The UN is a failed body. It's a piece of fucking trash. The UN is the most stupid, incompetent, and boorish body to ever be put together. Just because the United Nations includes the "voices" of every country in the world doesn't mean shit. What kind of a bloody idiot thinks that this is a valid point of view? In the 1930's, the majority of the voices in the world supported fascism. What a great argument that is for vox populi. Not to mention the fact that the majority of the bodies sitting at the UN are from dictatorships. It's like trying to form a Better Business Bureau to protect your city from crime, and inviting the Mafia to have a free voice on the panel as equal partners. What enlightened thinking that one is. Ah, and lest we forget: had the UN been around in 1930, Hitler would have had representation there as well. When the President of Iran can threaten open genocide against an entire people and not get his ass thrown out of those "hallowed" halls of power, then what the hell would the UN have said to Hitler? "You're a bad boy?"

As I recall, Clinton went into Kosovo without UN permission. In fact, he never even went to the United Nations. Well, guess who was the driving intellectual clout behind that one? Leftists. And did they protest? No, because it suited their aims. But hey, whatever floats your intellectual agenda at the price of the lives of others, right? Not that I minded pounding the shit out of Slobo, but the same holds true for Saddam. Any moron can see that the two were bullies that had to be dealt with.

And then to the notion about WMD. Who gives a shit? I know full well that Iraq had them. I also know full well that they hid them or transposed them before we got there. Everyone knows he wasn't clean. But, oh, we didn't find anything so Bush must have lied - convenient and stupid self-serving moronic meme. But does it matter? Does it fucking matter?

No. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter who has WMD but how they are acting. Quite frankly, I don't give a damn who has WMD in this world as long as they aren't banging their fist in public and screaming for bloody murder while throngs of worshipers chant at gunpoint that he is the newly resurrected king of Babylon. That's Saddam, for you ignorant masses. And if Iran wasn't an insane regime which goes around threatening other countries and blowing people up with suicide bombers by proxy, then I wouldn't give a damn if they wanted a nuclear program. Do I lose sleep over the fact that the UK has a nuclear bomb? No, because they act like civilized and enlightened people overall.

But again: Iraq was the enemy. And so is Iran. The fact that they act the way they do makes them so. That defines the nature of the word "enemy", but leftists really don't get that either. It isn't that leftists have valid arguments to counter this, it's just that they are stupid as fuck or dishonest as lying Saudi pigs.

Wake the fuck up and accept the nature of the world you live in. I'm insulting everyone who is against the war for a reason: I have contempt for you. I loathe your comfy, cushy, smarmy little critiques to undermine this country for the sake of your political gain. I hate it, I hate you, and you're the fucking enemy too. If you stop acting like the enemy, I won't hate you.

And before you start screaming about freedom of speech, remember what Lincoln did to those who openly criticized his war. And he was right. And fuck you for trying to second-guess one of the greatest liberators, humanitarians, and minds that ever existed in this nation's history. And fuck you for trying to undermine something which is far, far, greater than you.

Pathetic fucking idiots.


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