July 07, 2006

Faun and Games - Roach vs Ymarsakar

An argument I had over at blackfive about lawyers and soldiers and spies, and you know who. I only posted the end notes, you should scroll up and read how it all began to get the context, just click on the title link.

Comment below written by: Roach

It's funny that the ultimate philosophical exercise, explaining yourself, defining your terms, and defending your position, you dismiss as having to teach for free and that this is an insult that you won't put up with.

Well, I hate to tell you, but I know what the words you have used means. I learned from people wiser than me and much wiser than you. I just question whether you have any real idea what you're talking about, and I do so because you've used them in a way that is either meaningless or extreme, i.e., the suggestion that "metaphysics" has much to do with basic philosophical differences in politis when you repeat the stale notion that the extremes sometimes meet. Or that there is some "true epistemological and metaphysical differences between two separate subjects" of the Pendleton case and the Green incident. Maybe they're just factually different and distinguishable. Metaphysics and my "theory of knowledge" has nothing to do with either. And if they do your riddles have hardly made your position clear, because I doubt it is clear to you, and even if it is your communication skills are unworthy of any half-intelligent person. And, frankly, if you had any street cred in this or related subjects it wouldn't be too hard to pipe up and say, I studied philosophy at ___ college with __ professor and wrote a thesis on ______. But I noticed on your blogger profile your age is "17" so maybe that explains how you don't really know how to use your new toy.

Mockery is often the best way to deal with a poser. Do you think Socrates is really confused in the exchange below when he mocks another poser much like yourself?

Soc: Speak out then, my dear Euthyphro, and do not hide your knowledge.

Euth: Another time, Socrates; for I am in a hurry, and must go now.

Soc: Alas! my companion, and will you leave me in despair? I was hoping that you would instruct me in the nature of piety and impiety; and then I might have cleared myself of Meletus and his indictment. I would have told him that I had been enlightened by Euthyphro, and had given up rash innovations and speculations, in which I indulged only through ignorance, and that now I am about to lead a better life.

Comment below written by: Ymarsakar

Do you know what a disinformation campaign is? A disinformation capaign is where we, the good guys, give out misleading and false information to the OPFOR, you, with the intention of making you look like a fool and also making sure you can't tell truth from unreality. My age is older than 17, because I deliberately misstated my date of birth that the profile page uses to calculate my age.

"But I noticed on your blogger profile your age is "17" so maybe that explains how you don't really know how to use your new toy."

And guess what, you fell for it. Reading things in a book and parsing theoretical words, don't make you qualified to make real world applications.

I can't believe people like you fall for the oldest trick in the book. Devious? Deviousness is a genetic trait, it can't be learned from books.

You are special roach, I treat people with the respect they show me, not the other way around. I don't expect people to treat me with the respect I show them.

You expect me to give you information by my free will, just because you demand it of me? You are not a lawyer (maybe you are, who knows) and I'm not testifying (and this is definitely true), therefore I'd have to be pretty unserious to provide information to my opponent that he doesn't have a need to know.

This age trait incident is a good example of who can read the other guy better. Basic analysis really.

Now, if I was roach, I'd be thinking "now what if Ymar realized that I would be looking at his age profile and changed it since he knew I would use it against him ahead of time". Or as the classic game goes, He should have known that I knew, that he knew, or would have known.

It's not nearly as complex as he knew I knew, what he knew, when he knew it when I knew it. What does this have to do with epistemology? The Theory of Knowledge helps a lot in determining how to go about knowing whether what you "know" is true knowledge or not. Roach thought he knew my age, but he neglected his epistemology. You will notice he says epistemology has nothing to do with how to form a good argument, namely my argument, but he's quite wrong.


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