July 05, 2006

True believers - Can't live with them Can't terminate them

July 4th, 2006 at 10:25 pm

You two really need to get with the program.

A country under rule of law is under only ONE form of law. And that form here is the form taken and adopted by its citizens as American Law with all its baggage and courts and SC. And the thought that king dumbshit, actually Alberto ‘Wetback’ Gonzalez had about creating a NEW form of law is just so over the top of what American Law is all about, that of course any sane jurist would have to strick it down, just like they would strike down vigilantism and any other form of “local” law, such as tried in the south. You are spouting the living fascist scalia as a thinker. He is a Mussolini reincarnate, and will be hung along with the rest of the administration and all of the Apologista now spewing lines of bullshit for Heir Decidererer. SO figure out what you truly are willing to SACRIFICE as the PATRIOT you claim you may be, because you are NOT allowed to sacrifice a basic tenet of the Constitution itself. Namely the ability for ot to change and grow, from within its own borders AND also from outside its borders. There is no need to have a clandestine bretheren of jurists as the Surpeme Fascist claims. He and his ilk are the ones who are the bretheren in Skull and Bones or the Federalist Society. How BRETHREN is that?
I will fight you till your death to not see the Constitution pulled apart in that way. And THAT is why the left BELIEVES that these traitors have nothing less but the total DISMANTLING of the Constitution as their goal. ANd your comments here just prove that all the Apologista like yourselves are also after this goal, ERGO also traitors.

My response

People getting killed for using the term wetba*k might be a good thing to put into the Constitution.

I'll sacrifice that. How about you? Don't show your true believer credentials here, cause I got them beat by 5 dimensions straight away back to the beginning of time.

I got a program, it's called "terminate with extreme prejudice any and all domestic and foreign enemies to the United States of America Constitution".

What's yours, fellow believer?


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