November 18, 2005

San Francisco and military recruiting

What do yall think about verdict that san fran came up with banning the military from talking about recruitment in schools?
This is a response to a forum post.

Let me first say that I believe it is a brilliant move on the part of the progressives in furthering a Progressive Agenda.

The progress, is of course to move the entire country to a European model of culture, thought, selfishness, economic destitution, and civic lawlessness and vices. The underclass support this agenda because they recieve bribes in the form of government largesse, to them a short term gain is much greater than any long term harm. Personal gratification for most people, rank number 1, and considerations for the future is at the bottom of the list. The rich echelons support this agenda because it soothes their consciences concerning how filthy rich they are compared to everyone else, whom might as well live in the gutter in the opinion of these penthouse owners and private jet users. Since they cannot imagine living anyway other than the way they do, they assume everyone else must be in pure misery, and therefore this guilt gnaws at them. Not enough to make them become poor of course, because the fear of being poor overrides any guilt reflex, but enough to make them support a Progressive Agenda that gives them an outlet for this pain and angst.

So in light of that, banning the military from giving the citizens of San Fran a look at the real world, through real live career opportunities, is a big no no. Morally, it is also a big no no because the military, like religion for example, teaches things called "values" in Boot Camp and Naval Academies. Values such as honor, duty, loyalty, self-sacrifice, and all that good stuff. This conflicts with the progressive agenda in which enshrining short-term self-interests is supreme and so important. Because without the greed for instant gratification, they would lose the underclass entirely, and not have much power in the end even with wealth from the top.

So the Progressive Agenda, like any business or tyranny, has to get rid of the competition. Businesses in the US does it with laws, patents, and courts. Businesses in the thirld world does it through thugs, briberty, extortion, and harassment. And tyrannies do it through killing enough people until people disappear.

From this perspective, you can easily see how the progressives in San Fran benefits from this policy. Because you can't react easily to it. Do anything that is effective at beating at the progressives, and you also harm the other people living in San Fran who aren't in the progressive camp yet. So like a guerrila war, progressives (being the party not in power) wants the opposition, any opposition, to react harshly and over-the-top. This gives them a propaganda point that they may use to convince more people to side with them and their policies.

So when they did the gay marriage thing, they were counting on a big backlash, which helped them cement the loyalty of gay groups as a voting block. They knew the backlash would happen, and they also knew that if a backlash didn't happen, then they would lose their chance given how America was coming to gradually accept homosexuals as part of the social fabric.

If gays put their faith in that gradual acception, why would they contribute to a radical progressivist cause? Why, because the progressives offers them instant gratification, acceptance Today, not tomorrow.

So, in conclusion, a quite brilliant strategy. Because unlike religion, the military has even stronger moral support among the American people, and therefore the backlash would be much higher in possibility. Yet, the military is also prevented by the Constitution in interfering with domestic matters, and this is a good tool the progressives use to offset that extremely strong moral support among the population.

This allows the progressives to continue their work of reeducation the young generation of San Fran, without the interference of the military giving people another choice, a much better but also a much longer choice as well. They win either way, you see.

If you don't do anything, because you don't want to overreact, then they will win because the policy stays and the children become indoctrinated. If you do do something, then they can propagandize it to further their causes and make you look like someone trampling on civil liberties, the Constitution, or something else legalistic like that.

San Fran is nearing maximum entropy, and the state of human nature at maximum entropy is very interesting to watch.


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