July 08, 2006

The Hurricane of Disbelief

I don’t like anything that makes me feel out of control (except chocolate, of course).

Seriously, what is up with women and chocolate. Neo NeoCon also wrote a post about adoring chocolate. If food is the path to a man's heart, then I suppose chocolate is the path to a woman's heart. Or some women.

The book’s author has, as his main goal, decriminalizing marijuana. I can’t say that I disagree with him. I think marijuana ought to be treated in the same way as alcohol and cigarettes — it should be a controlled, not an illegal substance, because I really don’t see it as different from those other substances.

Also, because I’m something of a libertarian, I believe that people ought to be allowed to make stupid choices about what they put into their bodies.

Now, I don't like saying I agree with anybody. Not in the metaphorical sense, in the literal sense. I don't like to write or say the words "I agree", it seriously reminds me of an echo chamber. And those always freaked me out when I was young, that and the house of mirrors too.

So in light of this, I have to say that Book's thinking in these quoted lines mysteriously match my own in very consistent lines. (except the chocolate)

I don't like to lose control of my body. Maybe I'm paranoid, but I always try to keep a moderate situational awareness of my surroundings and my actions. It's not easy to do, since you can't get it unless you train yourself for it, which takes time and skill. I don't like being out of control. Whether this is because of an innate discipline or because I don't like people surprising me, is not known to me. I think one of the most elegant examples of my thinking is when a friend in High School asked me what I would do if I found a beautiful woman lying in my bed naked. I postulated that this was an assassination plan, so I would not get near her. He postulated that he would go get her and partake of the flesh. I didn't tell him about the assassination idea, of course, because I was afraid I would be laughed at.

I was always more intelligent than the average person I knew. I was quite dissatisfied with that, intelligence is inborn, an aristocratic trait, and I always hated having something I didn't earn myself. So I suppose I concentrated on trying to acquire wisdom, which is earned, while intelligence is a born trait. You can't get rid of intelligence, other than to refuse to utilize it.

I think the example of the Jewish kid in France, who got lured by a sexy looking young Muslim women to a spot where her "friends" kidnapped the Jewish kid and then tortured/killed him is a good example that my efforts were not in vain. And that indeed, I had acquired an earned difference between me and others I knew.

My conclusions agree with Book in this case, almost perfectly. The moral dilemma between wanting to prevent people from doing drugs while at the same time respecting their free will, is solved by freedom of information. After all, it is the same principle as the First Ammendment. People govern themselves best and make the best choices, when they are given the most accurate and valid data. When people are lied to and they believe those lies, then they make the wrong choices. (Palestinians)

I've never tried drugs, cigarretes, nor have I ever indulged in a drinking contest. Reason's simple. I'm a survival orientated person, with competition as a focus. Whenever I think about doping up, doing drugs (legal or illegal), and drinking myself to a stuppor, I always think this thought. "Wow, do you know how easy it would be for me to kill someone who was drunk or on drugs?" That stops thoughts of doing drugs pretty well.

Maybe it was watching too much Hollywood violence, but I learned how to recognize death and avoid him. I've had my brushes with death, and cases where I believed that I was going to die. Control and Discipline helped me, and they help me still. I pity those without control over their emotions and bodies. They are wasting their human potential, allowing their genetic inborn traits to take the lead. Humans do not become fully manifest until we learn how to control our environment with our will, much as animals do not become self-aware until they learn how to control their environment with tools.

It is almost like a second stage of evolution, but still, only a few people have even come close to touching it. Religion matters, not because I'm a Christian, but because there are more religions than the ones from Christianity.

It is funny. If people didn't know me well or my beliefs well, they might believe me to be a Total Puritan and teetotaler in how I live my life. But compared to real Puritans on the Left, I am not afraid to wash my hands in blood. It's good to have a state of balance, to be neither too afraid of impurity nor too intolerant of differences. Some people just don't understand that moral purity comes from centering oneself amidst the sea of desires. The wind blows in whichever direction desire, desires, but only the bedrock of your roots, centered in yourself, can withstand the hurricane of disbelief.


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